Qubators is a specialized Network for Christian I.T Experts, Software Engineers, Developers and I.T. Enthusiasts who are interested in developing new innovations.

Innovation Challenge

This is an annual event that brings together innovators, entrepreneurs, programmers, and developers to provide the creative ideas and solutions needed to accelerate progress in the expansion of the Gospel and in making the world a better place than it is.



Hubs are Christian tech incubators aimed at challenging technical minds in Creating kingdom-minded solutions for real-world problems.

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Qubators teams bring together Christians with a heart for Jesus, and a mind for technology to facilitate Kingdom-minded collaboration

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Financial technology (abbreviated fintech or FinTech) is the technology and innovation that aims to compete with traditional financial methods


Computer security, cybersecurity or information technology security (IT security) is the protection of computer systems and networks

Data Science

The field that uses scientific methods, processes, algorithms and systems to extract knowledge and insights from many structural and unstructured data


Media is a term that refers to all print, digital, and electronic means of communication from the time the printing press was created.


Information security, sometimes shortened to infosec, is the practice of protecting information by mitigating information risks.


Artificial intelligence (AI) is a wide-ranging branch of computer science concerned with building smart machines capable of performing tasks.


Rhapsody of Realities daily devotional Language and regional apps which will serve non -English speakers and provide custom user experiences to users in the specified regions and top 20 languages of the world

An artificial intelligence tool that can automatically ridiculously optimize advertising spend and targeting and allow an average user to run large scale digital marketing ads across all social media platforms, with little or no knowledge.

A new converts app that will feature various resources required for the growth of a new Christian.